Iranian Scientists Have Provided and Stabilized Grounds for Scientific and Technological International Cooperation

05 September 2017 | 00:01 Code : 33770 Press Release

In line with holding 1st International Conference on Modern Technologies in Science, which was organised in collaboration of Amol University of Special Modern Technologies and USERN, the Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), Prof. Salar Amoli, made a speech in the opening ceremony of this event.

Refereeing to the three main applications and functions of universities, as ‘science production’, ‘raising public and social awareness’, and ‘developing the country’s civilization’, Prof. Salar Amoli stated that Iranian universities have had significant improvements and achievements, and that the Iranian Scientists have managed to provide and stabilize the grounds for scientific and technological international cooperation. He added that in the past two decades, the world has paid attention towards scientific and technological diplomacies, which in turn obliges Iranian universities with new responsibilities.

Prof. Salar Amoli also stated that such achievements have enabled expansion of international scientific cooperation, through which Iranian scientists are ‘collaborating with thousands of scientists and research worldwide’, ‘defining hundreds of joint Venture Research Projects’, and ‘establishing Persian language and Iranology Chairs in 35 countries’.

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