The First International Conference on Women and Urban Life

28 June 2016 | 00:00 Code : 318 Conferences

The rapid change in the pace and nature of Women’s involvement in different social, cultural and economic areas throughout the world, have understandably created new challenges in today’s societies, which require detailed and precise study.

To meet, discuss and analyse these challenges for improving women’s life throughout the world, and to contribute towards their share of commitment to Women and Urban Life, the Deputy Office of Women's Affairs and Tehran Urban Planning and Research Centre, have organised ‘the First International Conference on Women an Urban Life’.

This conference aims to reflect upon its role as means of transcendence and transformation in the life patterns of women living in cities, and hopes to build understanding across borders through the active engagement of experts in service to their communities, to their societies and to the world.

And so, this conference is organised to use networking, and so, allows the attendees to share their experiences, expertise and enthusiasm. Further information on the Conference visions, themes, and key dates can be found the conference website. 

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